Past Projects

1 Establishment of library Yekuvuru Village 05.05.2012
2 Construction of meditation hall Yekuvuru Village 10.03.2013
3 Construction of Goddesss Saraswati statue GOVT. High School, Nadumuru 26.01.2014
4 Construction of B.R.Ambedkar statue GOVT. High School, Nadumuru 26.01.2014

Future Projects

Project 01: Jnanadeepam Education Programme:

Through Jnanadeepam Education Programme, Trust will provide uniforms, books, school bags and other amenities to students from rural villages at free of cost. It provides support to the rural schools for acquiring better facilities like buildings, electrifications, drinking water etc., It also provides teachers support to schools having shortage of teachers. Thus, the organization will act as an important service provider for better education in the villages. Trust will make an effort to put a check on school dropout rates through the implementation of the Jnanadeepam project. This project will meet the infrastructure needs of the schools by providing basic amenities like drinking water, construction of toilets and classrooms. It also provides financial assistance for the purchase of teaching equipments, sports materials, tables and chairs.

Project 02: Vidyanidhi Scholarship:

It has been analysed that lack of proper guidance, lack of financial support to economically poor students and lack of social awareness in villages are primary causes of under development. Trust will provide scholarships to intelligent students who are financially poor.

Project 03:Janajagruthi Movement:

It is found that addiction to liquor is a major bane for poor people. It is very sad that Government is encouraging more belt shops to provide all types of brands of liquor in all remote underdeveloped villages where people are suffering from scarcity of drinking water. Go to any remote village and you may not find drinking water there but you get brandy, whisky etc..Let us pray god to relieve rural people from this pitiable condition. Trust in support from the public will promote Janajagruthi movement against alcoholism, social awareness programs, human rights protection and awareness on Government welfare schemes for village people. Under this programme, awareness will be created through village meets and house to house.

Project 04: Drinking Water Plants in rural villages

Many uddanam villages are affected with kidney disease due to poor drinking water. Trust will plan to setup drinking water plants in rural villages to provide jars of 20ltr to villagers.

Project 05: Establishment of Libraries in rural villages

In my village, students would hardly read news papers and journals because these were not available so we have realized that it is essential to setup library. Credit goes to our village students for their maximum cooperation to setup and properly maintaining it. Library is a knowledge center from where students can acquire knowledge of diverse fields and they can maintain the social awareness by reading news papers & magazines available in library. We have large number of scriptures in our library so that spiritual aspirants could get opportunity to increase their spiritual knowledge. Also, It provides competitive books, scriptures, personality development books, magazines and news papers which are highly benefits to my village development. It is very important for the government to establish libraries in rural villages so that students in these areas will benefit from their services. Trust is planning to setup libraries in rural villages.

Project 06: Medical Check up and Health Awareness to rural village people:

Project 07: Development Projects for Fishermen:

Many seashore villages, located beside Bay of Bengal which are 7-15kms distance from Sompeta, Kaviti and Palasa towns, faraway from development . The habitants are fishermen who are uneducated and they are suffering with Poverty. Most of the people live in huts and they spend most of the time on sea water for Fish catching.Women sell the dryfishes in nearby town and surrounding places. Sri Veera Brahmendra Swamy Charitable Trust is planning to start different projects to develop these villages.

Project 07(a) : Ice plant cum Cold storage :

It is well known fact that every fisherman needs Ice to keep their fish catch in a good condition. Unless they maintain quality fish, they will not get good price. But they were exploited by the money lenders, local business people in selling fish and buying Ice. By observing in view of above facts, appeal from fishermen, Sri Veera Brahmendra Swamy Charitable Trust is planning to provide an Ice-cum cold storage facility for fishery villages.

Project 07(b): Free interest loans for Boats & nets:

Many fishermen use Wooden Boats for fishing. To feed the family, they take loans from the money lenders with high interest as their income is a little. In future, Trust is planning to provide Interest free loans to make motor boats and quality nets.