Trust Membership

We strongly believe that one of the most significant factors in the success of any organization is the commitment of members to guide and promote the organization. Trust is driven and lead by its members. Members are the lifeblood of trust and they play decisive role in shaping up activities.

Patron Member

Members who decide to donate at least 1% of their income are called as Patron members. Patron members form heart of the organization. They play critical role in day-to-day functioning, executing initiatives and projects undertaken by trust.

General Member

General members are those who are willing to donate their time, ideas and make financial contributions infrequently. These members are of type who are ready to support the organization from time to time but unable to spend more time with organizational activities regularly with commitment. They actively participate in Trust projects whenever they have time and make financial contributions also on a case- by-case basis. They don’t make monthly financial contributions like core members do but do make them off and on.

Please fill the membership form and mail it to